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Custom Skids – Waste Water Treatment

Custom Solutions is a cornerstone of our business.  We regularly create custom solutions for customers, ranging from simple skids for general use to elaborate pump systems that meet the need of very specific applications.  This is an example of one of our larger projects where the customer needed a packaged solution to moving and treating […]

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Ultra-Portable Kodak Slide Viewer

We were getting ahead of our spring cleaning and found this “Ultra-Portable Kodak Slide Viewer”, it gave everyone a good laugh.  This is what Pump Training use to look like in the late 70’s / early 80’s from our best guess.  It came fresh with Wilden Pump slides and a Pulsafeeder training tape. We know […]

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Dean Hot Water Pump Repair

Dean hot water pump repaired and ready for return to the customer. The repair included replacing the mechanical seal assembly, shaft, gaskets, o-rings, gland, thrust and radial bearings. We covered the pump with a nice coat of high temperature black paint and shipped it out this morning.

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Anderson Process Donates to York Township Food Pantry

On Friday, September 15th, Dave Biscan, Operations Manger of Anderson Process located at 960 Oak Creek Drive in Lombard, delivered a car load of non-perishable food items to York Township Hall to help stock food pantry shelves. Each year Anderson’s Culture Committee organizes a two week food drive to give back to the community and […]

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Bell & Gossett Model 1510 Pump Repair

This is a Bell & Gossett model 1510 pump that we completely rebuilt including the mechanical seal, shaft sleeve, gaskets, and bearings. Prior to rebuilding the pump we thoroughly cleaned it including high pressure heated wash and sand blasting as necessary…

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