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Eccentric Disc Pumps

Eccentric Disc Technology Provides Low Shear, No Leakage And Reduced Maintenance.

The principle of the eccentric disc pump is to rotate a disc with an off-center shaft, producing an eccentric movement against a hermetically sealed metal bellows or rubber boot. The rubber boot or bellows does not rotate, but, instead, flexes, eliminating the need for seals in the pump drive, making it highly suitable for food production and processing that requires sanitary and hygienic operating conditions. Eccentric disc technologies can be used in chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and petrochemicals.

Eccentric movement technology has many advantages over other pumps. They are leak free and have reduced maintenance time because there are no mechanical seals. Motors with gear reducers are close coupled to each pump, so magnets are not needed. These pumps can be cleaned in place (CIP) making cleaning and flushing simple without having to disassemble the pump. For sanitary applications, EHEDG and 3A certifications are available for the stainless steel models. The eccentric disc pumps provide gently handle fluids at high-volume efficiency.

In addition to being self-priming and the capability to run dry for a short period of time, the eccentric disc’s rotating motion allows for a constant and regular flow rate that are very low shear so that they can handle shear sensitive liquids such as food, cosmetics, emulsions, sauces, yogurt and many more.

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