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Relief Valves

Properly Control Pressure In A System.

Relief valves or pressure relief valves are the best solution for controlling or limiting the pressure throughout an entire system. A relief valve serves as a safety valve by providing an excessively pressurized fluid an open path to tank with the goal of reducing work port pressure. As fluid pressure begins to rise, force from that pressure is applied to the bottom of the spool or poppet, similar to what occurs to the piston of a cylinder. Without relief valves, pressure might otherwise build up and create a process upset or equipment failure.

Relief valves ensure quiet, stable, and efficient performance for load regulation and system protection applications involving effectively all types of liquids in the full range of viscosities including hydraulic oils, water, solvents, and chemicals. Many systems exist today to control fluid system variables, such as pressure, and require a power source of some type like compressed air or electricity to operate. This reason alone is why a relief valve must be capable of operating at all times, especially during a period of power failure when system controls are nonfunctional. The primary purpose of a pressure relief valve is protection of life and property by venting fluid from an over-pressurized vessel.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with leading industrial and sanitary relief valve manufacturers including Blacoh Fluid Control, Fulflo Valve and Griffco Valve to provide quality process instrumentation and fluid controls. Customers rely on our comprehensive selection of relief valves and pressure relief valve, available in a myriad of sizes, configurations and finishes, to efficiently regulate pressure, increase meantime between failures, decrease maintenance costs, drive efficiency and increase productivity.

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