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Steam Hose

Efficiently Withstand High Temperatures And Moisture.

Anderson Process partners with trusted hose manufacturers — including Continental ContiTech, Eaton, Kuriyama of America, and Novaflex — to offer a large selection of steam hoses for nearly any industrial process application. Our comprehensive line of steam hoses are made from the highest quality materials that can stand up to the high temperatures and high pressures found in the steam service industry. Steam hoses are classified into two types: low pressure and high pressure.

Steam hoses are specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures and moisture of saturated and superheated steam in steam service applications. The hoses incorporate a tube construction that resists heat and pop-corning and covers that are resistant to cracking and hardening. Steam hose is most commonly made from synthetic EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber due to its excellent resistance to heat, water and steam, acid and alkalis, ozone and sunlight. In general, all steam hoses have a steel/high tensile strength material inlay except for special-use low pressure steam hoses.

Steam Hose Brands

Continental ContiTech
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