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Self-Primer Pumps

The Industry’s Leading Self-Priming Pumps.

A self-priming pump is a type of centrifugal pump that can mix air and liquids to create a pump-able fluid on which it operates until it is fully primed. A self-priming centrifugal pump overcomes the problem of air binding by mixing air with liquids to create a fluid with pumping properties much like those of regular liquids. The pump then gets rid of the air and moves liquid only, just like a standard centrifugal pump. It is important to understand that self-priming pumps cannot operate without liquid in the casing. They are available in a variety of material combinations to meet the application requirements.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with some of the industry’s premier centrifugal self-primer pump manufacturers — Ampco Pumps Company, Ansimag, Finish Thompson, Franklin Electric, Goulds Water Technology, Griswold, Gusher Pumps, March Pumps, Pioneer Pump, Price Pump, Thomas Pump, and Vertiflo — to offer a large selection of self-primer pumps for nearly any industrial process application. Our self-primer pumps provide exceptional reliability, enabling operations to maximize production up-time.

Self-Primer Pumps Brands

Barmesa Pumps
Finish Thompson
Franklin Electric
March Pumps
Price Pump
Thomas Pump
Vertiflo Pumps
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