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Seal Support System

Seal Support Systems For Any Application.

Seal support systems are engineered to reliably operate in a wide range of temperature and applications. We partner with the industry-leading mechanical seal manufacturers such as — Flex-A-Seal — to deliver seal support systems that are engineered to withstand demanding fluid-handling applications. All of our seal support systems, regardless of application, are designed to provide extended seal life.

Liquid lubricated dual mechanical seals require an external source of clean, cool lubricating fluid. By using a dual seal with an seal support system, it will provide an enhanced sealing environment which promotes longer seal life. Anderson Process offers numerous types of seal support systems depending on the plan needed for the application. Support systems can be supplied to operate from an API 682 Plan 52 buffer system, to an API 682 Plan 53 pressurized barrier fluid system, to an API Plan 54 circulated pressurized barrier fluid that can be filtered, cooled, heated, and monitored.

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