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Replacement Filter Cartridges

State-Of-The-Art Filtration Cartridges

When flow rates or type of contaminant loads vary, a cartridge filter may be the solution to a wide variety of filtration applications. Cartridge filters obtain sub-micron retention ratings ideal for target industries including, food and beverage, chemicals, paint and many more. Filter cartridge selection is based on flow, desired nominal or absolute micron ratings, and type of contaminant(s).

Our comprehensive line of filter cartridges include products from industry-leading manufacturers such as American Melt Blown & Filtration (AMBF), Eaton, Glasfloss Industries, Global Filter, Hy-Pro, Kaydon Filtration, Lakos, Shelco Filters and Solberg Filtration.

All are fully-equipped filtration manufacturers that produce industry-standard, custom, and OEM-specified filter cartridges to meet your most demanding filtration applications. Engineered to streamline maintenance, Anderson Process filter cartridges are designed for easy installation and replacement, ensuring that production downtime is minimized.

Replacement Filter Cartridges Brands

American Melt Blown
Global Filter
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