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Gearboxes That Guarantee Years Of Trouble-Free Operation.

A gearbox is a mechanism where the energy output of an engine or motor is redirected in order to turn another mechanical component at a different torque rate and higher or lower speed. Gearboxes are sometimes referred to as gear shifters and are simple transmissions. Gearboxes offer mechanical safety by reducing the speed of rotating equipment.

Gearboxes are used to adapt the characteristics (torque and speed) of the input and output axis of a mechanism – This is why you have to know the torque and rotation speed. The other purpose of a gearboxes is to reduce or increase the motor speed and we recommend that you take into account the ideal reduction ratio for your use. The input and output shafts of your gear reducer can be coaxial, parallel-shaft or orthogonal.

The main types of gearboxes include bevel gear reducers, gear train gear reducers, planetary gearboxes and worm gear reducers. Anderson Process is proud to partner with leading gear reducer manufacturers including Nord Drivesystems to help customers ensure they are maintaining proper fluid management practices.

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