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End Suction Pumps

The Most Common Type Of Centrifugal Pump.

End suction pumps represent a widely utilized category among centrifugal pumps due to their versatility and efficiency. They are adept at handling various liquids, ranging from clean to dirty fluids with low viscosity. This makes them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications involving liquid transfer or circulation.

Characterized by their design where the inlet is positioned at the front side of the casing and the discharge exits either from the top or side, end suction pumps streamline the flow of liquids effectively. They are predominantly employed as single stage pumps but are also adaptable for use in multistage configurations, catering to applications that demand higher pressure or flow rates.

The flexibility extends to their construction materials, which are available in a diverse range of combinations. This allows them to be customized to meet specific requirements across industries, ensuring compatibility with varying chemical properties, temperatures, and operational conditions.

In industrial settings, they are used in processes such as water supply and drainage, HVAC systems, irrigation, wastewater treatment, and chemical processing. Their robust design and reliable performance contribute to operational efficiency and minimize downtime.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with some of the industry’s premier centrifugal end suction pump manufacturers — Ampco Pumps Company, Ansimag, Blackmer, Dean Pump, Finish Thompson, Franklin Electric, Hayward Gordon, Goulds Water Technology, Griswold, Gusher Pumps, Liquiflo, March Pumps, Pioneer Pump, Price Pump, Richter, T-Mag, Thomas Pump, Sundyne, Vanton, Vertiflo and Walrus — to offer a large selection for nearly any industrial process application. Our end suction pumps provide exceptional reliability, enabling operations to maximize production up-time.

End Suction Pumps Brands

Dean Pumps
Finish Thompson
Franklin Electric
Hayward Gordon
March Pumps
Price Pump
Thomas Pump
Vertiflo Pumps
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