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Hand Pumps

Safe, Convenient Method Of Dispensing Non-Corrosive Liquids.

Anderson Process offers the most trusted brands of positive displacement hand pumps in the industry – Blackmer. Sliding vane hand pumps provide a safe, convenient method of dispensing or transferring non-corrosive liquids from drums, barrels, tanks or vats. They are designed for easy, efficient operation in handling a wide range of liquids in industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Operating on the same principle as Blackmer sliding vane power pumps, these positive displacement, self-priming, sliding vane pumps provide steady, non-pulsating flow at easy turning speeds. The sliding vanes self-compensate for wear to maintain high-suction lift and are easily replaced at low cost after years of service.

Sliding Vane hand pumps have the ability to be positive displacement, self-priming, and non-pulsating flow pumps that be turned by hand. Models ranging from standard sizes 210A, Class I & Class II handing F210A, viscous fluids 414B, as well as increased output 828B all for safe and controlled hand pump transfer applications. Blackmer has seven pump models of their hand pumps to meet all viscosity, flow, and varying application requirements.

Hand Pumps Brands

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