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Split Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Reduces Downtime For Challenging And Time-Consuming Installations.

Split cartridge mechanical seals are engineered to reliably operate in a wide range of temperature and applications. We partner with the industry-leading mechanical seal manufacturers such as — Flex-A-Seal — to deliver split cartridge seals that are engineered to withstand demanding fluid-handling applications. All of our split cartridge mechanical seals, regardless of application, are designed to provide extended seal life.

Anderson Process offers different styles of split cartridge mechanical seals. These split seals are unique in the fact that they only require two pieces to be handled for installation. The sealing faces are safely secured in the cartridge halves and cannot be cocked, chipped, or scarred. Every split cartridge mechanical seal is completely assembled and pressure tested before it is shipped.

The split cartridge reduces downtime and makes installation and repair quick and easy. Offerings in standard duty and heavy duty options. Stationary face options are carbon or silicon carbide. There are multiple elastomer and construction materials available.

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