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Food & Beverage Hose

Effectively Transport Food, Beverages & Potable Water.

In the food service industry, quality and safety is more important than ever, especially when there’s a high risk for contamination. Don’t take chances – food and beverage hoses take the guesswork out of food service applications. Food and beverage hoses are specifically designed to deliver and transport food, beverages and potable water in a variety of applications. They often incorporate stainless steel mandrels for ultra-smooth tubing that does not impart taste or odor and is resistant to bacteria and microbes. The hoses are rated to FDA, USDA and 3-A standards.

Food and beverage hose can be used in a multitude of applications including: Suction and discharge of non-dairy food products, milk, vegetable oil, beverages and bulk abrasive material for food industry, Suction and discharge of food containing high percentage of alcohol, Suction and discharge of beverages; mineral water, beer, fruit juices, wine and liquor, discharge of potable water, for food and beverage dispensing, spraying and conveying fertilizer and pesticides, washdown food processing facilities and equipment, and many more!

Anderson Process partners with trusted hose manufacturers — including Continental ContiTech, Crane Resistoflex, Eaton, Kanaflex, Kuriyama, Novaflex, Pureflex, Rubber Fab and Tudertechnica — to offer a large selection of food and beverage hoses for nearly any industrial process application. Our comprehensive product line allows us to provide our customers with industrial food and beverage hoses that are the industry’s go-to solution for food and beverage transfer.

Food & Beverage Hose Brands

Continental ContiTech
Crane Resistoflex
Rubber Fab
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