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Hose Couplings & Accessories

The World’s Finest Industrial Hose Fittings.

Anderson Process partners with trusted hose fitting manufacturers — including Dixon Valve & Coupling, Campbell Fittings, Kuriyama of America, LGV Coupling, OPW Engineered Systems and PT Coupling — to supply our customers with some of the world’s finest industrial hose fittings.

We have one of the most advanced and most comprehensive hose coupling product lines in the industry – clamps, combination hose nipples, flanges, gaskets, hammer unions, ferrules, sleeves, sandblast couplings, sight glasses, strainers, valves, cam and groove, push-on fittings, sight flow indicators, dry disconnects, and safety breakaways to name a few.

Hose coupling products are used in several applications across numerous industries worldwide in the following markets: Agricultural, brewery operations, chemical processing, construction, fire protection, food and beverage, forestry, mining, oil and gas, steel processing, pharmaceutical, and many more!

Hose Couplings & Accessories Brands

Campbell Fittings
LGV Coupling
PT Coupling
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