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Metering Pumps

Industry-Leading Metering Pumps To Deliver Precise, Adjustable Flow Rates.

Metering pumps, also called dosing pumps, deliver precise, adjustable flow rates to move a measured volume of liquid over a specified time. Metering pumps can pump water, but they’re often reserved for pumping chemicals solutions or other fluids. Various types of pumps can be equipped to be metering pumps, but to avoid leakage at seals, especially when the liquid is toxic, noxious or otherwise dangerous, chemical metering pumps are typically diaphragm pumps.

Liquid does not penetrate the diaphragm that provides the pumping action through repeated compression and decompression, so the fluid inside the pump is sealed off from the outside. The chemical metering pumps we offer are typically used for process and agricultural industries, and are available for high and low pressure applications with manual and electronic stroke control.

You’ll most typically find metering pumps used for maintaining a constant flow rate, delivering a variable flow and for injecting a discrete dose. A metering pump must be able to deliver liquid with an accuracy of greater than 3% across a wide range of discharge pressures. Many industries require metering such as food and beverage production, power generation, water and waste treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing and many more.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with longtime pump manufacturers who are leading the industry in positive displacement metering pump technology. Our brands include Neptune and Pulsafeeder. These brands allow us to provide our customers with a comprehensive selection of metering pumps that are designed to withstand the most demanding applications.

Metering Pumps Brands

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