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Pulsation Dampeners

Create A Smooth, Steady Flow To Provide A Uniform And Calm Flow Of Fluids.

Pulsation dampeners are normally applied immediately downstream of reciprocating, positive displacement (PD) pumps. All reciprocating positive displacement pumps produce pulsating flows and each pulsation creates a resultant pressure peak. These pressure peaks are most likely not be desirable in a given piping system, which is why there is a need for pulsation dampeners.

Pulsation dampeners are most commonly used to prevent potential vibration, reduce he load of the pump, minimize pulsations for the benefit of downstream instrumentation and terminate pulsations as a dictate of process. Our pulsation dampeners protect pump systems and components by promoting steady continuous flow, which helps prevent premature pump failure, pipe ruptures, product agitation and contamination issues.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with leading dampener manufacturers including Blacoh Fluid Control, Griffco Valve and Wilden Pump to help customers ensure they are maintaining proper fluid management practices. The best way to reduce shock, noise, and provide smoother flow in a system is with pulsation dampeners – plain and simple.

Pulsation Dampeners Brands

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