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Slurry Mechanical Seals

Industry’s Most Challenging Slurry Applications.

Slurry mechanical seals are engineered to reliably operate in a wide range of temperature and applications. We partner with the industry-leading mechanical seal manufacturers such as — Flex-A-Seal — to deliver slurry seals that are engineered to withstand demanding fluid-handling applications. All of our slurry mechanical seals, regardless of application, are designed to provide extended seal life.

Anderson Process offers heavy duty slurry seals, available in a heavy duty stationary multi-spring single cartridge seal design for industry’s most challenging slurry applications. The unique design allows for increased seal reliability, flushless operation if required, lower operating costs, and an economical two piece construction when exotic.

Typical applications include copper mining, coal mining, nickel mining, phophate mining, aluminum bauxite, tar sands and flue gas desulphurization (FDD). Pump manufacturers consist of ITT Goulds®, Weir Mineral Group Warman®, KSB GIW®, Flowserve Worthington® and Metso™.

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