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Single Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Save Time And Avoid Costly Installation Errors.

Single cartridge mechanical seals are engineered to reliably operate in a wide range of temperature and applications. We partner with the industry-leading mechanical seal manufacturers such as — Flex-A-Seal — to deliver single cartridge seals that are engineered to withstand demanding fluid-handling applications. All of our single cartridge mechanical seals, regardless of application, are designed to provide extended seal life.

Anderson Process offers single cartridge seals that come in a variety of stationary and rotating configurations with various gland types such as, welded metal bellows, single spring, and multi-spring types. The single cartridge seals are a single piece, pre-assembled and preset by the manufacturer prior to installation.

With the many different options, we have a single cartridge seal available for your low/high temperature, corrosive, and heavy duty application. Elastomers include Viton®, Ethylene Propylene, Aflas®, Buna, Neoprene, and Perfluorelastomers. Faces come in Premium Grade Antimony Impregnated Carbon, Nickel Bound Tungsten Carbide, and Silicon Carbide. Single Cartridge models come in the following variations; rotating bellows, stationary multi-spring, stationary single-spring, stationary metal bellows, rotating multi-spring, rotating single-spring, high temperature rotating/stationary bellows, heavy duty API stationary multi-spring and standard/large/taper-bore options.

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