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Variable Frequency Drives

Improve Cost Efficiency, Motor Performance, And Promote Energy Efficiency.

Frequency is directly related to the motor’s speed and the faster the frequency, the faster the RPMs go. If an application does not require an electric motor to run at full speed, a drive can be used to ramp down the frequency and voltage to meet the requirements of the electric motors load. If the motor speed requirements change, a drive make it possible to simply turn up or down the speed to meet the requirements.

Drives improve cost efficiency, motor performance, and promote energy efficiency. Anderson Process is proud to partner with leading processing equipment manufacturers. We supply variable frequency drives (VFDs) and variable speed drives (VSDs) for a variety of industrial pumping applications.

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor. Other names for a VFD are variable speed drive, adjustable speed drive, adjustable frequency drive, AC drive, microdrive, and inverter. A Variable speed drive (VSD), also called adjustable speed drives (ASDs), are devices that can completely control and vary the speed of a normally fixed motor speed. Options for both AC and DC motors, up to 550 horsepower and are available in 115V, 230V, 460V and 600V configurations.

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