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Positive Displacement Pumps

Capture the benefits of mechanical efficiency and steady flow rates.

Product degradation is a costly consequence of improper pump selection, which can lead to product losses, missed deliveries and decreased margins. Anderson Process offers an expansive line of Positive Displacement Pumps specifically engineered to provide consistent product transfer for challenging media.

With decades of experience in fluid dynamics, Anderson Process’s team of pump experts and engineers know that, in the long run, faster pumping isn’t always the right choice for all applications. For example, the transfer of high-viscosity fluids commonly found in the food or pulp and paper industries, or variable-viscosity fluids commonly found in chemical processing, requires a highly efficient pump that is capable of consistent flow rates. And fluids with suspended or fragile solids, such as those found in paints and pigments, need a pump that will minimize shear. Anderson Process’s offerings of Positive Displacement Pumps combine mechanical efficiency with steady flow rates to deliver fluid transfer capabilities that are both cost-effective and consistent.

Anderson Process is proud to partner with longtime pump manufacturers who are leading the industry in positive displacement pump technology. Our brands include Wilden®, Blackmer, EnviroGear®  Pumps, Tuthill Pumps, Liquiflo, CAT Pumps, Ampco and Graco. These brands are known within the process equipment industry for their quality craftsmanship, durability and superior reliability. Our comprehensive selection of diaphragm pumps and rotary pumps are designed to withstand the most demanding applications. Our sanitary pumps are engineered for easy cleaning and minimize contamination risks.

Whether you ultimately need a vane pump or a gear pump, or a piston pump or a lobe pump, Anderson Process’s pump experts will ensure your positive displacement pump is ideally specified and configured for the needs of your application, something warehouse pump suppliers can’t do. As an authorized service center for many of our brands, we can provide the hands-on service required to keep your equipment — and your process — running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

Positive Displacement Pumps Brands

Ampco Pump Company
BSM Pump
CAT Pumps
Continental Pump
FMC Technologies
Gusher Pumps
Haight Pump
Hayward Gordon
Roto Pumps
Standard Pump
Viking Pumps