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Dynamic Heat Generators (DHG)

Anderson Process is proud to partner with Island City to offer their Dynamic Heat Generators (DHG). The DHG can be used in a wide range of applications including fracking, water heating, heating and cooking food, destroying bacteria and pathogens, vaporizing liquids, heat buildings or shelters, heat oils or food, and many more. They are simple, rugged, and self-cleaning ensuring a long life. There is no need for ignition or flame and they have zero emissions.

Its ability to heat fluids directly, have quick heat rise and have an excellent heat recovery make the DHG sought after. With over 48 different models, the DHG sets itself apart by being able to produce heat with a multitude of fluids in an array of temperature bands. Standard and custom configuration systems from large 1200 HP (3,054,000 BTU) to small 10 HP (25,454 BTU) heat generators. They are typically 95% efficient with no greenhouse gas emissions or fumes. They can be used in processes, mills, concrete, job sites, plants, or manufacturing lines.

Our Dynamic Heat Generator (DHG) continues to break new ground in the shear heating market every day and has lead the company to become an “Industry Standard” in shear heating. For simple, reliable, and flameless heat generators, Anderson Process is your complete system source for heater applications.

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