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Knowledge & Insights: Heat Exchangers

A Closer Look at Heat Exchangers

A star player in many processes and systems, heat exchangers are critical in achieving desired temperature regulation. Understanding heat exchangers, with their various types and applications where they excel, is necessary for those working in fields such as engineering, manufacturing, and energy. This article takes a closer look and provides valuable insight into the interesting […]

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Water Tempering Skid

This water tempering skid was designed for an aerosol and bag on valve filling manufacturer. The manufacturer needed a way to heat up 194 gallons of batch water in their pressurized tank (able to fill 75 cans per minute), so they could test their product can’s integrity at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The water tempering skid […]

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Cooling Skid System

Pictured below is a cooling skid designed for an orthopedic product manufacturer who makes artificial replacement parts for the human body. The customer needed a way to keep the air compressors and air dryer used in their production process from overheating. Our solution was a system that utilizes a cooling tower. The system recirculates cool […]

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Custom Temperature Control Skid

We recently had a customer that needed to build a temperature control skid that used a Dean pump to pump Therminol out of a storage tank and send it though a heating or cooling heat exchanger to control the temperature of the oil by the uses of control valves. The heating heat exchanger was a […]

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