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Knowledge & Insights: Custom Tank

Metering Skid

Designed for a mixer manufacturer, this metering skid was built by Anderson Process to meter different additive liquids to cement during the mixing process. The skid was constructed using (3) poly tanks, (1) Liquiflo gear pump, (2) Viking gear pumps and Dixon and Jomar actuated 3-way valves. Anderson Process not only designs and builds metering […]

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Cooling Skid System

Pictured below is a cooling skid designed for an orthopedic product manufacturer who makes artificial replacement parts for the human body. The customer needed a way to keep the air compressors and air dryer used in their production process from overheating. Our solution was a system that utilizes a cooling tower. The system recirculates cool […]

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Mixmor Mixer and Tank Assembly

This MixMor turbine mixer with mixing tank assembly was designed for a midwest chemical manufacturer. The manufacturer’s business was expanding, and they wanted a new mixer and tank to double their production rate. The assembly features a MixMor TC-20-L52 flange mounted turbine mixer with a TEFC Motor (20 HP, 1750 RPM, 3/60, 230/460 VOLT), gear […]

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Tuthill Paint Skid

This paint mixing and transfer skid was designed for a manufacturer of radiators that are used to cool large transformers. Our customer wanted to be able to efficiently mix paint and other chemicals to produce the protective outer coating that is applied on their radiators. Our engineered solution consisted of two Tuthill Global Gear pumps […]

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