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Knowledge & Insights: custom skid

3″ Wilden Pump Stands

These Wilden Pro-Flo Shifts AODD pump stands were supplied to a chemical manufacturer for pumping a variety of different chemicals. The stands consisted of Wilden Pro-Flo Shift pump, IFC Y-Strainer, Wilden Pulsation Dampener (not pictured), Dixon air shut off valve, RTI air filter, coalescer, regulator, and (2) Hose Master Flex connectors (not pictured). The components […]

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Tuthill Duplex Pump Skid

Pictured is a duplex pump skid that was designed for pumping fuel oil at a hospital. The assembly consisted of (2) Tuthill gear pumps, Fulflo relief valves, Dixon valves and a Titan duplex basket strainer. All the components are mounted on a painted carbon steel base with spill containment and piped in carbon steel SCH40 […]

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Sanitary Mouvex Pump Skids

Check out these Mouvex H-FLO 25 eccentric disc pump skids we designed for a manufacturer of antiseptic products to pump glycerin. The skid incorporated the Mouvex pump, a Nord gear reducer and a Baldor white washdown motor all mounted on a stainless steel sanitary base plate we fabricated (including welding) at our facility. As you […]

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Glycol Batching Skid

Pictured is a skid designed to transfer batches of Glycol off rail cars and into tanker trucks. To achieve this, a Blackmer MS3 Magnes pump was coupled to a Nord gearbox and a WEG 10 HP explosion proof motor. This assembly pumped the Glycol through an Endress Hauser ProMass Coriolis flow meter to totalize the […]

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Water Tempering Skid

This water tempering skid was designed for an aerosol and bag on valve filling manufacturer. The manufacturer needed a way to heat up 194 gallons of batch water in their pressurized tank (able to fill 75 cans per minute), so they could test their product can’s integrity at 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The water tempering skid […]

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Tuthill Paint Skid

This paint mixing and transfer skid was designed for a manufacturer of radiators that are used to cool large transformers. Our customer wanted to be able to efficiently mix paint and other chemicals to produce the protective outer coating that is applied on their radiators. Our engineered solution consisted of two Tuthill Global Gear pumps […]

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Diesel Fuel Filtration Skid

This fuel filtration skid was designed to filter underground fuel storage tanks that have become dirty/contaminated or contain large amounts of water. Our customer was wanting to pull up to fueling stations and have the ability to clean out their in-ground tanks with a variety of filtration capabilities. The final product is one of the […]

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Mobile Ingredient Pump

We custom fitted a 1” Wilden Stainless Steel FDA pump on a heavy-duty stainless steel hand cart with an RTI filter regular and Continental hose for the air input to the pump. This Wilden Full Stroke Diaphragm pump was used to transfer FDA Oils and Ingredients. It was built on a cart to optimize it […]

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Ampco Rotary Lobe Pump

Moving Resins with Ampco AL-25 rotary lobe pump Cart

Resins are naturally occurring as a plant substance but are often made synthetically, converted into polymers to be used in numerous applications. When pumping certain resins the biggest factor to consider is their viscosity, as they can vary from a thin syrup to a solid substance. Resins can be difficult to handle as they can […]

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Shelco Filter Skid

Why water filtration is crucial to energy production?

When it comes to energy production, water plays a crucial role. Used as the main cooling source, it is a critical component in how these complex systems operate. Organic and inorganic substances in water create dissolved solids that along with other pollutants can cause buildup and corrosion. High-quality filters with high micron filter media, that […]

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