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Moving Resins with Ampco AL-25 rotary lobe pump Cart

April 6, 2021

Resins are naturally occurring as a plant substance but are often made synthetically, converted into polymers to be used in numerous applications. When pumping certain resins the biggest factor to consider is their viscosity, as they can vary from a thin syrup to a solid substance. Resins can be difficult to handle as they can become solid if spread too thin and certain resins need to be heated from room temperatures to 400 degrees before they can be pumped.

A customer required a portable solution that could be moved under each of their resin tanks and mount to the discharge port at the bottom. This skid featured an Ampco AL-25 rotary lobe pump selected for its ability to handle fluids with high viscosities driven by gear reducer and 7.5hp motor to transfer between 7-12 gallons per minute of the customer’s resin product. The assembly is fixed on a painted carbon steel tube base with casters (2 swivels & 2 rigid) that could move the pump throughout the facility. Attached on the side are lifting jacks that could raise the pump cart vertically so that it was flush with the tank’s discharge port.

Selecting the right pump for material with varying properties such as resin can be a complicating process. Factors to consider with flow rate, abrasiveness, temperature, and viscosity, and fluid location make this a time-consuming process. Whether you are looking for a simple replacement part or if you have a unique application such as this, at Anderson Process we are uniquely positioned to help you find the right solution saving you time, money, and resources.

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