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Knowledge & Insights: Mechanical Seals

Viking Internal Gear Pump Overhaul

A major asphalt paving company needed their Viking KK4124A internal gear pump for pumping hot oil overhauled. The wear was evident on the rotor, shaft and the pump’s mechanical seal was leaking. The seal flush line was also not set at the correct orientation. After modifying the seal flush line, so it was set at […]

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ANSI Pump Assembly Overhaul

Pictured is a ANSI pump assembly that an automotive supplier brought in due to a leaking seal. Luckily in this case, there were no major parts needed. A standard overhaul was done on the pump. All the common wear items, including new ball bearings (pump and motor), mechanical seal, gaskets, O-rings, a coupling insert were […]

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Split Case Pump Overhaul

Pictured is a Split Case Pump that had obvious past repair issues. The pump was brought to Anderson by a customer that made rolled aluminum products. Among the chief issues, the impeller clearance and shaft sleeves were not set properly, which resulted in severe wear to the entire rotating assembly. As a result, the shaft […]

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Blackmer Pump Repair

A customer brought us their Blackmer CRL4B Sliding Vane Pump used for pumping CO2, because they were not experiencing the longevity needed from their pump to fulfill application demands. The pump would work for a limited time and break down. The last repair shop the customer used to repair the pump did a number of […]

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Tuthill Paint Skid

This paint mixing and transfer skid was designed for a manufacturer of radiators that are used to cool large transformers. Our customer wanted to be able to efficiently mix paint and other chemicals to produce the protective outer coating that is applied on their radiators. Our engineered solution consisted of two Tuthill Global Gear pumps […]

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Mechanical Seal

5 Ways to Maintain Mechanical Seals

The often-forgotten and crucial component in a pump system is the mechanical seal, which prevents fluid from leaking into the immediate environment. Leaking mechanical seals due to improper maintenance or higher-than-expected operating conditions can be a hazard, housekeeping issue, health concern, or even an EPA issue.  It is important to implement practices and conditions to […]

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Seal Repair

Splitcase Pump Seal Repair

Don’t let old or worn-out seals hold your pump system back. Mechanical seals offer your rotating equipment the ability to be sealed in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. Mechanical seals contain the high pressurized fluid within pump vessels from the low pressured environment outside of the pump vessel. Our repair services can get your mechanical […]

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Barrier fluid reservoir Tank

Barrier Fluid Reservoir

One of the many reasons mechanical seals may need extra lubrication, include the high viscosity in certain fluids  These pumps and mechanical seals may require the circulation of a clean fluid from an external seal flush. This process lubricates the inner and outer seal faces which separates the pumped fluid from entering the stationary housing […]

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance on Your Pumps

One of our customers noticed the fluid end seals on their CAT high pressure pump were leaking, but decided to keep the pump running in order to get the job done.  They did not notice the internal severity of the seal leak, and without a proper maintenance schedule the seals were never changed.  The end […]

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Preventative Maintenance

Business is slow for many, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain productive.  If you have equipment sitting idle due to partial shutdowns, now might be a good time to perform preventative maintenance to ensure they perform as needed when full production returns.  Small investments now can help you avoid significant damage on pumps and […]

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Why Mechanical Seals Fail

Mechanical seals keep the fluid contained within pumps while the internal mechanical components move inside the stationary housing.  When mechanical seals fail, the resulting leaks can cause extensive damage to the pump and often leaves large messes that can be significant safety hazards. Besides being a crucial component to a pump running efficiently, it is […]

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Gusher 7550 Vertical Centrifugal Pump Testing

We were visiting Gusher Pumps when they were testing a Gusher 7550 Vertical Centrifugal pump for one of our customers. This pump was designed for 870 GPM at 115 Feet of Head of water-based fluid. This was one of multiple pumps that were built and after testing getting sent to the paint booth for a […]

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Griswold ANSI Pump Packages

We just shipped out “5” Griswold ANSI pump packages for a local manufacturer that needed them to move cooling water in a foundry. These ANSI pumps included Flex-A-Seal mechanical seals and WEG motors put into a package on a painted base. This order included “4” 100HP motors and a 20HP motor. If you are in […]

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