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Blackmer Pump Repair

April 22, 2022

A customer brought us their Blackmer CRL4B Sliding Vane Pump used for pumping CO2, because they were not experiencing the longevity needed from their pump to fulfill application demands. The pump would work for a limited time and break down. The last repair shop the customer used to repair the pump did a number of things incorrectly, including using a different repair kit then what the pump required. The rotor clearance was also improperly set on the pump, which created severe grooving between the rotor and one of the head discs. Excessive and uneven vane wear showed, which was partly a product of the casing liner also wearing and grooving. Other issues included, the casing liner being installed backwards, the head discs having the wrong relief hole orientation and the bearing locknuts not being staked properly, so they had worked themselves loose.

The pump unfortunately required a complete rebuild kit from Blackmer. Using that kit, we replaced the rotor, casing liner, head discs, vanes, bearings, mechanical seals and O-rings on the pump. The customer is now able to get the most life out of their pump, while fulfilling application demands.

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