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Knowledge & Insights: Filtration

Cooling Skid

Here is a cooling skid we just finished for a customer that is using the skid to cool engine coolant, oil, fuel and air at an engine manufacturer. We are pumping a 50% glycol mixture and cooling it down from 195°F to 133°F at 80 GPM. This was developed for a test stand that is […]

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Mobile Filtration Assembly

The Anderson Process Illinois Branch designed and produced a heavy-duty, 4-wheel portable filtration assembly unit for a customer that produces batch chemicals out at a somewhat rugged terrain refinery location. The assembly includes a 6-round Shelco filter housing with pressure gauges and is designed for complete “bottom out” drainage. They will be moving it around to […]

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Filtration Skid

This skid was designed with a T-Mag magnetic drive centrifugal sealless pump, WEG explosion proof motor, Pentair filters and housings and Dixon cam and groove fittings. Through this combination, the skid is now capable of pumping product through a 20 micron pre-filter and then the final .2 micron filter at 50 GPM. Every component was […]

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Hy-Pro Filtration System

Customer: Power Plant Need/Application: Customer wanted to batch different grades of hydraulic oil and have them filtered to a ISO code. Solution: This Hy-Pro Filtration system has three stages and a PM-1 particle counter with a R232 connection for real time monitoring. This first stage had a nominal 25u bag filter, second stage had a 6MV pleated cartridge […]

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Kaydon Filtration Fuel Movie – Diesel Fuel Solutions

Kaydon Filtration provides fast, effective, in-line bulk fuel treatment systems that incorporate patented, single-pass filtration and coalescing technology to clean fuel as it is transferred from one tank to another.

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