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3″ Wilden Pump Stands

October 27, 2022

These Wilden Pro-Flo Shifts AODD pump stands were supplied to a chemical manufacturer for pumping a variety of different chemicals. The stands consisted of Wilden Pro-Flo Shift pump, IFC Y-Strainer, Wilden Pulsation Dampener (not pictured), Dixon air shut off valve, RTI air filter, coalescer, regulator, and (2) Hose Master Flex connectors (not pictured). The components were all mounted on a frame we fabricated in house and had powder coated.

Anderson Process has it down pat when making reliable, sustainable process skids. We design custom process skids to meet your operational footprint limitations and simplify your process as much as possible. We also only use components from trusted manufacturers. Contact Anderson Process today with your process skid requirements.

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