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Knowledge & Insights: Blower

Double Gasoline Bowser

We built this custom 50-gallon gasoline bowser for an automotive customer. The portable cart is powder-coated stainless steel with large rubber wheels to make portability easy. The bowser has two internal walls to minimize heat loss from hot gas to cold gas. This bowser has two Wilden Pro-Flo Shift 1/2″ AODD pumps, ContiTech Flexsteel gasoline […]

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Decentralized Vacuum Pumps vs Centralized Vacuum Pump Systems: Pros and Cons

Often overlooked and undervalued, vacuum pumps play a crucial role in our everyday lives. They are used in numerous industrial applications, such as vacuum packaging, bottle filling and plastic molding. They are also used for a variety of scientific and medical applications, including delivering aspiration to patients in hospitals, so they can breathe when they […]

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