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Knowledge & Insights: #industrialpumps

AMT Pump Cart for Meat Processing

We built this portable cart with an AMT Pump Company 3″ self-priming pump, which is used to discharge water from a cook tank. The pump assembly was mounted on a stainless-steel fabricated cart and powered by a WEG motor and Variable Frequency Drive. Made for a meat processor, the cart will be moved around and […]

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Cornell Food Processing Pump for Carrots

Made to pump carrots, this 4″ Cornell Pump Company food processing pump assembly is built on a custom stainless steel frame and is powered by a 7.5 HP Toshiba motor. The 4″ frame-mounted pump can pump up to 825 GPM. Not pictured: Hydro-Transport product tank that we built to help move product into the pump. […]

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Hydrosieve for Food Processing

During food processing, the product is often transferred and cleaned using water. It is common to see a Hydrosieve in the initial cleaning or water extraction phase of the process. Anderson Process helped design and build these all-stainless-steel units to help process peas. The wedge wire screen is 60″ wide, with .125″-wide slot openings.  The product falls […]

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Railcar to truck unloading system

Railcar to Truck Unloading System

This is a unique railcar-to-truck unloading system with Benko Products Fall Protection. The trailer mount is portable and can be moved along uneven terrain, which makes it practical for this type of unloading. The Blackmer MAGNES Seal-less 3″ vane pump, powered by a WEG motor and driven by a NORD Gear Reducer, can fill methanol (120 […]

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Xylem Pressure Control Skid

We built this pressure control skid featuring a Goulds Water Technology NPE pump, Aquavar variable speed pump controller, a HydroPro surge tank and Dixon Valve ball valves. Built to control and pump water at consistent pressure, the skid is mounted on painted carbon steel C-Channel base plate with lifting lugs and piped with SCH40 pipe.

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Double Gasoline Bowser

We built this custom 50-gallon gasoline bowser for an automotive customer. The portable cart is powder-coated stainless steel with large rubber wheels to make portability easy. The bowser has two internal walls to minimize heat loss from hot gas to cold gas. This bowser has two Wilden Pro-Flo Shift 1/2″ AODD pumps, ContiTech Flexsteel gasoline […]

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Custom Ampco AL Series Pump

This is one of many Ampco Pumps AL Series pump skids we supplied for a customer that pumps food grade oil at a processing facility. Notice the custom inlet and discharge extensions, which meet the customer’s specifications, and an Ampco Stainless Steel Lobe pump with NORD Helical Inline Gear Motor (painted white). The components are […]

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Xylem Filter Skid

This filter skid featured a Xylem (Goulds Water Technology) NPE pump, FTI filter housing using AJR high-capacity oil absorbing micro-fiber filter media, and Dixon ball valves. Made for a Truck Accessory Manufacturer, we mounted the pump and filter on a stainless-steel double bend base and connected the two using welded SCH40 stainless steel piping. The […]

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