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Railcar to Truck Unloading System

January 22, 2024

This is a unique railcar-to-truck unloading system with Benko Products Fall Protection. The trailer mount is portable and can be moved along uneven terrain, which makes it practical for this type of unloading. The Blackmer MAGNES Seal-less 3″ vane pump, powered by a WEG motor and driven by a NORD Gear Reducer, can fill methanol (120 GPM) and is self-priming.

With this system, the operator can input a specific fill amount and then hit start on the control panel. The flow meter has an auto shutoff with an automated shutoff valve. For safety, a Fulflo relief valve prevents deadheading and pump production, a Dixon Valve MannTek safety breakaway coupling protects against somebody accidentally driving off while the pump is still filling, and a Titan basket strainer protects the pump’s inlet from debris.

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