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Knowledge & Insights: Powder Coating

Tank mounted level sensor bypass chambers

Tank-Mounted Level Sensor Bypass Chambers

We fabricated eight tank-mounted level sensor bypass chambers for a liquid-storage facility. They are made of SCH 80 carbon steel pipe (powder-coated for protection) and we mounted Endress+Hauser Levelflex level sensors to them. The bypass chambers are mounted via ANSI flanges on the side of a tank to allow users to read the liquid level […]

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3″ Wilden Pump Stands

These Wilden Pro-Flo Shifts AODD pump stands were supplied to a chemical manufacturer for pumping a variety of different chemicals. The stands consisted of Wilden Pro-Flo Shift pump, IFC Y-Strainer, Wilden Pulsation Dampener (not pictured), Dixon air shut off valve, RTI air filter, coalescer, regulator, and (2) Hose Master Flex connectors (not pictured). The components […]

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Blackmer GNX3 Pump Stands

We just put the finishing touches on these sharp looking, Blackmer GNX3 Pump Stands designed for a chemical manufacturer to pump a variety of different chemicals. The stands consist of Blackmer GNX3 pumps with an integral Nord gear reducer and a WEG explosion proof motor mounted on a steel frame we fabricated at our facility […]

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Blackmer Chemical Transfer Pump Assembly

A chemical manufacturer was looking for an efficient unit to pump chemical solvents that would align properly with the piping they had in place. The pictured assembly consists of a Blackmer Magnes pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and 10 HP WEG explosion proof motor mounted on a custom fabricated powder coated frame. The […]

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Glycol Batching Skid

Pictured is a skid designed to transfer batches of Glycol off rail cars and into tanker trucks. To achieve this, a Blackmer MS3 Magnes pump was coupled to a Nord gearbox and a WEG 10 HP explosion proof motor. This assembly pumped the Glycol through an Endress Hauser ProMass Coriolis flow meter to totalize the […]

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Chlorine Tank Refurbishment

We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, even when the project is just for show.  One of our customers wanted to remodel the front entryway at their corporate headquarters.  They asked us to refurbish an old chlorine tank to be used as a display piece. We accomplished this project by […]

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Gear Pump

Gear Pump Boosts Facility Chemical Totes

A customer was no longer able to buy their chemical supply in bulk, causing them to use smaller totes. This created an issue in transporting the chemical throughout their facility, as the totes had to be stored in a location far from their previous bulk storage tanks and existing pump system. Anderson Process designed a […]

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Powder Coated Base with sand-blasted

The Advantages of Powder Coating

Industrial pumps and equipment operate in some of the most extreme working conditions. Over time certain physical impacts, moisture, chemicals, and ultraviolet light can cause corrosion and deterioration of parts, resulting in at worst a breakdown or at best a beaten down appearance. To combat this process Anderson Process offers powder coating finishes to skids […]

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Re-finishing Benches for Municipality

Our repair capabilities extend beyond equipment designated for fluid transfer.  After a municipality in Michigan purchased a small pump from Anderson Process, they inquired about our ability to re-finish a number of other items for them – including staircase railings, ladders, lamp posts, and park benches.  Our in-house sandblasting and powder-coating capabilities made it easy […]

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Gas Fuel Bowser

Here is one of many style Gas Fuel Bowsers that our team custom built to be used on an assembly line to fill units that have missed the fuel station for any number of reasons. The unit is designed with a Wilden Pump, ground reel, level gauge and a Fill-Rite meter to dispense accurate amounts […]

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Gas Skid Repair

Check out this gas skid that we pulled out of a Michigan automotive assembly plant. We completely tore down and refurbished the skid and it is now being installed at a Chicago automotive assembly plant. You can see by the original condition of skid that the biggest challenge was getting it to look new again […]

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