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Gas Skid Repair

October 18, 2018

Check out this gas skid that we pulled out of a Michigan automotive assembly plant. We completely tore down and refurbished the skid and it is now being installed at a Chicago automotive assembly plant. You can see by the original condition of skid that the biggest challenge was getting it to look new again and determining what to replace or repair.

Skid completely disassembled, sand blasted, powder coated, replaced components as necessary and all piping painted and insulated. Pipe was then pressure checked and fluid ran through to check operation. Some of the equipment used:

  • Marathon motors
  • Viking spur gear pumps
  • Apollo automated valves
  • Tobul accumulators
  • Morrison safety valves
  • SOR differential pressure switches
  • Veede-Root mechanical registers
  • TCS 682 series meters




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