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Knowledge & Insights: custom pump skid

Rail Car Chemical Pump

Rail Car Chemical Transfer

Chemical transports are one of the largest revenue streams for railroads in the United States. In 2019 close to 972 million tons of chemicals were shipped throughout the country due to their use in a diverse production of other goods. When transferring chemicals via rail car or tanker truck, the average capacity will be around […]

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Right-Angle Gearbox Pump

This uniquely orientated pump skid pictured below was designed to solve a couple of issues for a company transferring chemical solvents. Anderson Process mounted this Blackmer Pump on its side with a custom bracket built in-house, which allowed the pump suction to be at the top.  This aided with its ability to drain as the […]

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Cat Triplex Pump

Triplex Cat Pump

This Cat high-pressure pump skid is used for flushing out cement drums commonly found on job sites or in cement mix plants. This is a triplex positive displacement pump meaning it has three plunger rods suitable for multi-gun and multi-nozzle high-pressure systems. It features max flow up to 15.6 gpm and a max pressure up […]

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