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Knowledge & Insights: Custom Engineering

Blackmer Pump Cart

Built for a chemical manufacturer, this sharp-looking pump cart features a Blackmer GNX3 Vane Pump coupled to 10 HP motor. The 10 HP motor was controlled off an explosion-proof motor starter box capable of reversing motor to conveniently be able to pump backwards. To protect the pump during reverse operation a Fulflo relief valve was […]

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Tuthill Duplex Pump Skid

Pictured is a duplex pump skid that was designed for pumping fuel oil at a hospital. The assembly consisted of (2) Tuthill gear pumps, Fulflo relief valves, Dixon valves and a Titan duplex basket strainer. All the components are mounted on a painted carbon steel base with spill containment and piped in carbon steel SCH40 […]

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Cooling Skid System

Pictured below is a cooling skid designed for an orthopedic product manufacturer who makes artificial replacement parts for the human body. The customer needed a way to keep the air compressors and air dryer used in their production process from overheating. Our solution was a system that utilizes a cooling tower. The system recirculates cool […]

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Xylem Booster Pump Package

Extra features are nice to have, but at the end of the day it’s really about what gets the job done. Our customer was looking for a more economical booster pump system similar to larger booster pump packages without the non-essential features. Our solution (pictured below) is a practical, engineered assembly consisting of (2) Goulds […]

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Tuthill Hydraulic Oil Pump Assemblies

These Tuthill pump assemblies were fabricated for a healthcare technology company and used to pump hydraulic oil. They feature a Tuthill 2C2BV-C-7 rotary gear pump assembled with a Tuthill 2C1B534-56 NEMA C Frame mounting adapter and a Baldor CL3507 Motor (¾ HP, 1725 RPM, 1/60/115/230V). Anderson Process continues to be a reliable service provider to […]

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Standard Pump Tote Batching System

This Standard Pump tote batching system was designed for a battery supplier, who was interested in a system to batch battery acid (sulfuric acid) out of a tote and into jugs. Pictured is the system we designed. A Standard stick pump was used for pumping the battery acid from the tote. A stainless steel bridge […]

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Gusher Pump with AES Seal Pot Skid

A customer involved in providing environmental and agronomic systems needed a recirculation pump for their process. They handle chemicals and fuels that can potentially be hazardous if contaminated, so they required a reliable solution that would reduce the risk of fluid contamination. We engineered this Gusher pump with AES seal pot as a solution to […]

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Stainless-Steel Tanks

Our Michigan facility built several stainless-steel tanks to be used by an industrial laundry service company. They offer cleaning of tough, gritty materials such as oil absorbents, industrial towels, and floor mats that are used in various manufacturing facilities. They previously used polyethylene tanks in their facility to hold the materials used for their cleaning […]

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Custom TIG Weld

Custom TIG Welds

Do clean welds get you excited? Part of a larger skids, these TIG welded piping components show the seamless integration of a engineered custom solutions to fit the needs of a unique fluid management system. Never compromise in optimizing your system.

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