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Knowledge & Insights: rotary pumps

Roto Pump Skid

Pictured below is a Roto progressive cavity pump skid we designed for a food manufacturer. The assembly featured a Roto progressive cavity pump belt driven by a 10 HP WEG Motor. Both the pump and the motor were mounted on a stainless steel base. We were able to engineer a more convenient solution for how […]

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Tuthill Hydraulic Oil Pump Assemblies

These Tuthill pump assemblies were fabricated for a healthcare technology company and used to pump hydraulic oil. They feature a Tuthill 2C2BV-C-7 rotary gear pump assembled with a Tuthill 2C1B534-56 NEMA C Frame mounting adapter and a Baldor CL3507 Motor (¾ HP, 1725 RPM, 1/60/115/230V). Anderson Process continues to be a reliable service provider to […]

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Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps

Last month we discussed the internal operation of reciprocating pumps, one of two types of positive displacement pumps. This month we will analyze how the other type of PD pump – rotary pumps. Rotary pumps have rotating gears instead of the backward and forwards motion of cylinders like reciprocating pumps. In some cases, they can […]

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