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Cooling Skid System

March 25, 2022

Pictured below is a cooling skid designed for an orthopedic product manufacturer who makes artificial replacement parts for the human body. The customer needed a way to keep the air compressors and air dryer used in their production process from overheating.

Our solution was a system that utilizes a cooling tower. The system recirculates cool water through the large air compressor units and through the dryer, effectively keeping the units cool during the manufacturing process. This assembly consists of a 1000 gallon poly tank, Price pumps, Standard Xchange plate and frame heat exchangers, Fisher flow control valves to regulate temperature and Endress Hauser RTDs to monitor the temperature.

Bi-Torq pneumatic butterfly valves, Hayward basket strainers, butterfly valves, check valves, Dwyer pressure transducers and Marsh pressure and temperature gauges are also included. All PVC piping and mounted on painted carbon steel c-channel bases.

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