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Knowledge & Insights: Filtration

Cooling Tower Filtration

Built to filter cooling water in a cooling tower basin, this filter skid features a Xylem (Goulds Water Technology) E-SH pump, Clear Blue multi-round bag housing, and Dixon butterfly valves. We mounted the equipment on a fabricated c-channel base plate with lifting lugs and grouting holes. The equipment connected to welded SCH40 carbon steel piping.

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The Positive Effects of Industrial Filtration on the Manufacturing Process

In today’s manufacturing landscape, industrial filtration systems have become indispensable tools for businesses across various industries. They are critical for maintaining product quality and ensuring regulatory compliance. Filtration systems have also become environmental champions, helping minimize harmful emissions and waste products during the manufacturing process. The success and reputation of manufacturing operations hinge on several […]

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Tuthill Duplex Pump Skid

Pictured is a duplex pump skid that was designed for pumping fuel oil at a hospital. The assembly consisted of (2) Tuthill gear pumps, Fulflo relief valves, Dixon valves and a Titan duplex basket strainer. All the components are mounted on a painted carbon steel base with spill containment and piped in carbon steel SCH40 […]

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Tuthill Paint Skid

This paint mixing and transfer skid was designed for a manufacturer of radiators that are used to cool large transformers. Our customer wanted to be able to efficiently mix paint and other chemicals to produce the protective outer coating that is applied on their radiators. Our engineered solution consisted of two Tuthill Global Gear pumps […]

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Diesel Fuel Filtration Skid

This fuel filtration skid was designed to filter underground fuel storage tanks that have become dirty/contaminated or contain large amounts of water. Our customer was wanting to pull up to fueling stations and have the ability to clean out their in-ground tanks with a variety of filtration capabilities. The final product is one of the […]

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Pump Filters

How to Pick the Proper Filtration Equipment

How to Pick the Proper Filtration Equipment Filtration is the process of removing any undesirable matter (solids or otherwise) from a process stream such as liquid or air. The incoming stream prior to filtration is called the effluent while the outbound stream after filtration is referred to as the filtrate. In any fluid-handling operation, filtration […]

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Shelco Filter Skid

Why water filtration is crucial to energy production?

When it comes to energy production, water plays a crucial role. Used as the main cooling source, it is a critical component in how these complex systems operate. Organic and inorganic substances in water create dissolved solids that along with other pollutants can cause buildup and corrosion. High-quality filters with high micron filter media, that […]

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Filtration Housing

Sanitary Filter Cart

What special needs do you have for your filtration applications? Proper filtration enhances many industrial fluid applications, increasing the purification of water, chemicals, and other fluid output. Efficient filtration in markets such as automotive, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, power generation, water and wastewater can save valuable resources that effect an organization’s bottom line.  Anderson […]

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Hippo Filtration System at Local Zoo

Anderson Process works with a wide variety of customers from food & beverage to automotive plants and beyond. Some of the less common industries that we serve include Waterparks, Zoos and Aquariums, which have ample opportunities for pumps and filtration. Some of our engineers and a territory manager recently worked with a local contractor to […]

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Adhesive Filtration Skid

One of our customers had the need to filter a viscous adhesive.  We built them a custom filter skid compromising of two FTI housings arranged is a duplex orientation.  The filters each have a pressure differential switch which allows the flow to be diverted once a filter gets too dirty to run. When the first […]

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Hy-Pro Filtration System

Customer: Power Plant Need/Application: Customer wanted to batch different grades of hydraulic oil and have them filtered to a ISO code. Solution: This Hy-Pro Filtration system has three stages and a PM-1 particle counter with a R232 connection for real time monitoring. This first stage had a nominal 25u bag filter, second stage had a 6MV pleated cartridge […]

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Kaydon Filtration Fuel Movie – Diesel Fuel Solutions

Kaydon Filtration provides fast, effective, in-line bulk fuel treatment systems that incorporate patented, single-pass filtration and coalescing technology to clean fuel as it is transferred from one tank to another.

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