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Why water filtration is crucial to energy production?

March 22, 2021

When it comes to energy production, water plays a crucial role. Used as the main cooling source, it is a critical component in how these complex systems operate. Organic and inorganic substances in water create dissolved solids that along with other pollutants can cause buildup and corrosion. High-quality filters with high micron filter media, that can remove particles as small as viruses, are needed to maintain purified water within the system creating a more efficient operation of energy production.

Our Wisconsin facility outfitted this custom filter skid for a local electricity provider who needed to filter the water that flowed through the plant system. The system did not require a pump as it used the flow and force from the existing pump in the plant to circulate the plant auxiliary water out of the system, through the filter, and back into the system. This cost-effective solution delivered consistent high-quality filtered water to ensure the plant runs on continuous efficient cooling, playing a major role in maintaining overall system production.

Built for durability this skid features an all stainless steel 63 ½” heigh Shelco model BFS series multi-bag housing. Designed for high flow applications with 4” inlet and outlet flanges and a heavy-duty swing bolt closure and davit assembly. The low profile offers an easy 5u and 10u micron bag change out accessibility. Included on the skid are multiple pressure gauges for pressures up to 150 PSI at 300°F, 3” SS Gate valve, and a Flow Meter for flow rates over 400 GPM all on a 65”x48” carbon steel skid.

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