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Hippo Filtration System at Local Zoo

January 12, 2021

Anderson Process works with a wide variety of customers from food & beverage to automotive plants and beyond. Some of the less common industries that we serve include Waterparks, Zoos and Aquariums, which have ample opportunities for pumps and filtration. Some of our engineers and a territory manager recently worked with a local contractor to implement a new Hippo Filtration system at a local zoo.

The state-of-the-art filtration system was implemented to service a new 60,000-gallon underwater viewing tank. The challenge of an underwater viewing tank is removing the large amounts of hippo waste in order to have clean and clear water.  While the Anderson Process team did not engineer or install the system, our experienced territory manager and engineers helped consult with the contractors to provide them with the right pumps to maximize efficiency. The system ultimately ended up using Dean Pumps, which allows the system to turn over the water 3 times per hour and save millions of gallons of water annually compared to the previous process.

Check out further details of the system HERE.


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