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Sanitary Filter Cart

February 1, 2021

What special needs do you have for your filtration applications?

Proper filtration enhances many industrial fluid applications, increasing the purification of water, chemicals, and other fluid output. Efficient filtration in markets such as automotive, food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceuticals, power generation, water and wastewater can save valuable resources that effect an organization’s bottom line.  Anderson Process has the ability to provide top-tier filtration equipment and integrate it with other industry-leading OEM parts to fit the needs of virtually any application.

A properly cleaned and filtered tank used in the distillery process can make all the difference in producing consistent batches that consumers have come to expect. One of our local distilleries required a mobile system that could be used to service various large tanks in their facilities, which require re-circulation and filtration.  They turned to our team to engineer a solution.

Anderson Process developed the filtration system below, consisting of a Shelco Sanitary bag housing with two 316 SS sanitary mount gauges for inlet and outlet pressure readings, all fabricated on a mobile dolly.  This Shelco Sanitary Bag housing unit not only saves them from the installation of a costly network of pipes, valves and other instrumentation but the unit will effectively provide the necessary quality output required for consistent batches.

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