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Diesel Fuel Filtration Skid

November 10, 2021

This fuel filtration skid was designed to filter underground fuel storage tanks that have become dirty/contaminated or contain large amounts of water. Our customer was wanting to pull up to fueling stations and have the ability to clean out their in-ground tanks with a variety of filtration capabilities.

The final product is one of the larger more complicated productions that our engineering team has completed. It utilizes a standard #2 FTI housing to capture the heavy particulates prior to the pump, which is a Dixon Tri Lobe pump with a 9.4 HP Diesel Engine. It includes a Hypro LF housing for finer filtration and the ability with proper media to absorb small amounts of water. It also includes a Hypro CSD Coalescer to remove large amounts of water that may be present in the systems

The adaptability of the package allows the customer able to clean in a variety of scenarios.  The package was sized to fit onto a trailer or inside of a box truck, and included fork lift access points and tie down D-Links on all sides to allow functional maneuverability as needed. All flow runs through incoming and outgoing sight glasses and a GPI Flow meter.

The unit was pressure tested overnight on two separate occasions prior to its departure to ensure the finished product lived up to our standards and exceeded customer expectations.

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