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Knowledge & Insights: #customskids

Cornell Food Processing Pump for Carrots

Made to pump carrots, this 4″ Cornell Pump Company food processing pump assembly is built on a custom stainless steel frame and is powered by a 7.5 HP Toshiba motor. The 4″ frame-mounted pump can pump up to 825 GPM. Not pictured: Hydro-Transport product tank that we built to help move product into the pump. […]

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Hydrosieve for Food Processing

During food processing, the product is often transferred and cleaned using water. It is common to see a Hydrosieve in the initial cleaning or water extraction phase of the process. Anderson Process helped design and build these all-stainless-steel units to help process peas. The wedge wire screen is 60″ wide, with .125″-wide slot openings.  The product falls […]

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Cooling Tower Filtration

Built to filter cooling water in a cooling tower basin, this filter skid features a Xylem (Goulds Water Technology) E-SH pump, Clear Blue multi-round bag housing, and Dixon butterfly valves. We mounted the equipment on a fabricated c-channel base plate with lifting lugs and grouting holes. The equipment connected to welded SCH40 carbon steel piping.

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Industrial Sprinkler Stand

We built multiple sprinkler stands that will be used at a loading/unloading terminal that handles a multitude of different materials (limestone, taconite, etc.). The stands will be used with Nelson Irrigation Corporation Big Gun sprinklers, which will deliver 350 GPM in a 400’ diameter circle – or partial circle, if needed. The application will also […]

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