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Knowledge & Insights: chemical transfer

Blackmer/TCS Metering Skid

Check out these metering skids we built for a chemical manufacturer to transfer flammable chemicals onto tankers. The skids consisted of a Blackmer Magnes pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and WEG explosion-proof motor. The Blackmer Magnes pump pumped the chemicals through a TCS meter with an auto-shutoff. The pump was controlled with an […]

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Blackmer Chemical Transfer Pump Assembly

A chemical manufacturer was looking for an efficient unit to pump chemical solvents that would align properly with the piping they had in place. The pictured assembly consists of a Blackmer Magnes pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and 10 HP WEG explosion proof motor mounted on a custom fabricated powder coated frame. The […]

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Mouvex Chemical Unloading Skid

Global supply chain shortages prevented one of our customer’s bulk chemical supply from being delivered via railcar. They were able to purchase the chemical in 55-gallon drums as an alternative and needed a pump unit capable of line stripping to maximize product recovery.  They also requested a run-dry capacity in the event a technician did […]

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Rail Car Chemical Pump

Rail Car Chemical Transfer

Chemical transports are one of the largest revenue streams for railroads in the United States. In 2019 close to 972 million tons of chemicals were shipped throughout the country due to their use in a diverse production of other goods. When transferring chemicals via rail car or tanker truck, the average capacity will be around […]

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