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Mouvex Chemical Unloading Skid

November 8, 2021

Global supply chain shortages prevented one of our customer’s bulk chemical supply from being delivered via railcar. They were able to purchase the chemical in 55-gallon drums as an alternative and needed a pump unit capable of line stripping to maximize product recovery.  They also requested a run-dry capacity in the event a technician did not stop the pump in time.

Our engineered solution included a Mouvex C-Series pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and a WEG explosion-proof motor, basket strainer, ball valves, and interconnecting piping.  The self-priming, sealless Mouvex pump offered run-dry capabilities along with a leak-free design to combat spills and harmful chemical vapor.  The customer was very pleased with the safety features and amount of vacuum the pump was able to pull.

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