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Knowledge & Insights: Metering Pumps

Blackmer/TCS Metering Skid

Check out these metering skids we built for a chemical manufacturer to transfer flammable chemicals onto tankers. The skids consisted of a Blackmer Magnes pump coupled to a Nord gear reducer and WEG explosion-proof motor. The Blackmer Magnes pump pumped the chemicals through a TCS meter with an auto-shutoff. The pump was controlled with an […]

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All About Metering Pumps: How Do They Work, Types and Applications

When accurate dispensing of liquids, chemicals or other substances into a process or system is needed, metering pumps are there putting in yeoman’s work. Often taken for granted, metering pumps are utilized in several different industries where their tremendous accuracy and detail can be seen in products used in our everyday lives. This article explores […]

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Mouvex Metering Pump Skid

This Mouvex Metering Pump Skid was designed for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Its primary function is metering water. The skid consists of a Mouvex SL4 Pump, A WEG 2HP Motor, A Micro Motion 2500 Series Meter, 30 AMP Disconnect Safety Switch, 480 Volt Panel, 24VDC Controls, Allen Bradley VFD, Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings and Ashcroft Gauges. […]

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