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Knowledge & Insights: Blackmer

Heavy-Duty Fuel Oil Pump

Pictured below is a large skid we developed. The skid features a 10’’ BLACKMER® HXL10 vane pump coupled to a 161 HP diesel motor through a Nord Parallel shaft gear reducer. The gear shaft reducer was selected to handle the intense force and pressure applied, as the unit would be pumping fuel oil at 1650 […]

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Portable Blackmer SNP2 Pump Assemblies

We just designed and built two Blackmer SNP2 pump assemblies on wheels out of our Indianapolis location. These Stainless Steel Sliding Vane Pumps were built with Nord Gear Reducer’s and Baldor Motors. They were mounted on portable carts with polyurethane casters and fork pockets for easy of mobility. Our customer was looking for a portable […]

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EMCO Chemical Distributors Realizes the Goal of Opening A New Manufacturing Facility and Blackmer® GX Series Sliding Vane Pumps

See the official PSG article here: Blackmer EMCO case Study – with images In 1967, after relocating to Chicago, IL, from Boston, MA, Edward Polen was working as a salesman for the Big Ben Chemical & Solution Co.

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Hygienic Processing Plant Walk-Through

This animated video provides a virtual tour through a typical food processing facility and illustrates where Mouvex, Wilden, and other PSG pumps play a vital role in critical hygienic processing applications.

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Blackmer Sliding-Vane “Viscosity Video” Now Available

Grand Rapids, MI – In an effort to visually demonstrate how positive-displacement pumps that feature sliding-vane technology are able to capably handle liquids of varying viscosities, Blackmer has created a “Viscosity Video” for distributor use.

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