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Knowledge & Insights: custom repair

Viking Internal Gear Pump Overhaul

A major asphalt paving company needed their Viking KK4124A internal gear pump for pumping hot oil overhauled. The wear was evident on the rotor, shaft and the pump’s mechanical seal was leaking. The seal flush line was also not set at the correct orientation. After modifying the seal flush line, so it was set at […]

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Roots Blower Repair

Pictured is a Roots 68-URAI rotary lobe blower for a leading producer of cement and other building materials. The customer brought us several of these units that needed repair, hoping to save money instead of having to buy brand new units. However, the units were in poor condition, with most needing major parts to function, […]

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Split Case Pump Overhaul

Pictured is a Split Case Pump that had obvious past repair issues. The pump was brought to Anderson by a customer that made rolled aluminum products. Among the chief issues, the impeller clearance and shaft sleeves were not set properly, which resulted in severe wear to the entire rotating assembly. As a result, the shaft […]

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Blackmer Gear G1-133 Pump Additions

These Blackmer Gear G1-133 pump assemblies were built for an adhesives manufacturer for processing PVA adhesives (poly vinyl alcohol). They are made of stainless steel and have 4” flanges. An addition we provided was a stainless-steel guard around the stuffing box at the customer’s request for extra protection. We also welded risers on our standard […]

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Blackmer Gear Pump Repair

Pictured is a Blackmer Gear G1-55 pump that was used for pumping a starch-based adhesive used in the manufacturing process of corrugated cardboard. The customer brought the pump in for a leaking seal. The seal unfortunately failed after pressures climbed above the seal’s operating pressure. The triple lip style cartridge seals used in this application […]

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Busch Blower/Vacuum Booster Repair

A customer in the HVCR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) industry brought in their Busch WV1000 blower to be serviced. The blower or vacuum booster, resting on top of a Busch Cobra dry screw pump, was used for helium leak testing in the manufacturing process of commercial HVAC compressor systems. Debris had built up […]

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Blackmer Pump Restoration

An industrial gas supplier needed their Blackmer pump for pumping propane restored. Upon arrival, the signs of wear were obvious. The outside of the pump was weathered and corroded. It even seized up when attempting to start it. When the pump was disassembled, the inner parts, including the vanes, casing liner, rotor and head discs, […]

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Viking Asphalt Pump Refurbishment

A customer’s worn Viking asphalt pump was in rough shape. One of our experienced technicians refurbished the pump and the difference is night and day. View the astonishing transformation in the pictures below. Anderson Process is an authorized service center for many of the top pump manufacturers in the marketplace. Some of our capabilities include […]

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Seal Repair

Splitcase Pump Seal Repair

Don’t let old or worn-out seals hold your pump system back. Mechanical seals offer your rotating equipment the ability to be sealed in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. Mechanical seals contain the high pressurized fluid within pump vessels from the low pressured environment outside of the pump vessel. Our repair services can get your mechanical […]

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