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Splitcase Pump Seal Repair

May 12, 2021

Don’t let old or worn-out seals hold your pump system back. Mechanical seals offer your rotating equipment the ability to be sealed in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. Mechanical seals contain the high pressurized fluid within pump vessels from the low pressured environment outside of the pump vessel. Our repair services can get your mechanical seals back to new.

Here, we repaired these horizontal splitcase centrifugal pumps that were used to supply coolant throughout the cold mill section of a plant that was producing steel and stainless steel. We replaced the seals with 1.75” Flex-A-Seal cartridge seals, that consisted Carbon vs. Silicon Carbide faces.

Anderson Process offers seal repair that consists of three different steps: dis-assembly, evaluation and rebuild/repair. During dis-assembly we look for what may have caused the failure, what needs to be replaced, and what could be done to improve its MTBF (Meantime between failure). The evaluation process includes a failure analysis to help customers get a complete understanding of the cause of the breakdown. During final assembly, the components may be reworked to provide performance enhancements that ultimately reduce cost and increase profits.

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