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Blackmer Gear Pump Repair

May 2, 2022

Pictured is a Blackmer Gear G1-55 pump that was used for pumping a starch-based adhesive used in the manufacturing process of corrugated cardboard. The customer brought the pump in for a leaking seal. The seal unfortunately failed after pressures climbed above the seal’s operating pressure. The triple lip style cartridge seals used in this application are common and can usually be rebuilt using a repair kit that replaces all the worn internal parts instead of having to replace the entire seal. Upon inspection, after cleaning the pump inside and out, there were no other major issues found. The pump only needed a standard overhaul, which included rebuilding the seal and replacing all other common wear items such as the ball bearings, carbon bushings and gaskets. We also added a factory style relief valve to the pump for safety purposes since the customer had no other such valve in their discharge line. If the discharge line became restricted in any way disastrous damage could occur with the pressure having no way to escape. Relief and bypass valves are not recommended as pressure regulating devices but can protect the system and piping from high pressure that positive displacement pumps are known to generate.

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